Requiem For A Broken World - Cover
Zeichnung: Manuel Radke; Cover-Design: Karolin Wallowy, Jens Heuler


2023 | EP | Original Dance Theatre Music

REQUIEM FOR A BROKEN WORLD is the original music for the socio-critical dance theater performance EIN SPIEGEL IM SPIEGEL by the Labortheater Dresden. The story is based on Michael Ende's story "The station cathedral stood on a large floe" from his collection DER SPIELGEL IM SPIEGEL.

The music and dance performance are divided into three parts:

Part one - REQUIEM FOR A BROKEN WOLRD - describes the state of emptiness and being lost after the collapse of the capitalist order based on personal greed.

Part two - THE COLLAPSE - recapitulates the capitalist system, which is collapsing due to increasing greed and the never-ending pursuit of wealth.

Part three - A NEW ERA - describes a tender and hopeful approach to a future with a better and fairer sciety.



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project management, stage and costume design:: Manuel Radke
audio production, audio play, sound design: Duc Anh Nguyen
light design: Geohwan (Johann) Ju
dance and dance pedagogy: Marie Haußdörfer
music: Jens Heuler
cover: Manuel Radke (art), Karolin Wallowy (project-cover-design), Jens Heuler (EP-cover-design)



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